floor standing & portable Sizes 400,500 & 630mm.

The Breeza portable range of fans are designed to project a stream of air to effect cooling for a variety of situations.

Man Cooling: To cool people who work in hot conditions such as Foundries, Power Stations, Steel Works, Drop Forging Works and similar work stations. They achieve this by the stream of air evaporating the perspiration which give a cooling affect.

Vehicle Dynamometer Testing: Providing cool air over engine radiators whilst the vehicle is at a standstill during testing.

Air Curtain: Due to their being portable, these units may be used for the movement of air within any confined or hot area or for the extreme cooling of particular hot areas at a low level of heat dispersal. They may also be used to shield workpeople by creating a curtain of the cooler air between a very hot area and the individual concerned.
This versatile range of fans can be custom made to customer's requirements. They are capable of being rotated through 360 deg and have a disc clutch for maintaining angular settings. Larger sizes up to 1250mm Dia available.

Commercial - Domestic: Banks, Hotels, Bars, Sports Clubs, Cafes, Restaurants, Conference Centres, Gymnasiums, Dance Halls, Discotheques, Indoor Pistol Ranges, Clean Area Rooms, Domestic Kitchens, Toilets, Showers, Bathrooms, Film Sets, Universities, Kitchens, Goldsmiths, Computer Rooms, Dust Free Pressurised Rooms, Air Curtains, Wind Chargers, Hovercrafts, Laboratories, Photographic Darkrooms, Shopping Malls.

Industrial & Agriculture: High Toxicity Areas, Material Handling, Metal Working, Open Surface Tanks, Painting, Wood Working Areas, in Sewerage Works, Boiler, Compressor, Generator and Pump Rooms, Paint and Welding Shops, Brickworks, Thermoplastic and Fibre Glass Production Works, Glue and Noxious Fume Areas, General Factory Ventilation, Canteens, Kitchens, Toilets etc.
A variety of agricultural applications including Mushroom, Pig and Cattle sheds, Poultry and Peanut Operations, Tobacco Curing, Cucumber, Market Gardens, Flower Greenhouses and Aerosol L.P.G. Filling.


Building Ventilation
Cooling Towers
Chemical Applications
Explosion Proof
Flammable Fumes
Agricultural Dryers and Aeration
Construction Equipment
Power Generators
Farm Tractors
Oil Coolers
.....and many more
  • Diameter Range of 250mm - 1800mm
  • Can fit all types of motors and shafts
  • Corrosion resistant Materials
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Provides higher static
  • Lower Noise Level than most OEM fans
  • Adjustable - Variable Pitch of 5° to 40°
  • Aerodynamic design requires less HP and moves higher Vol. of air.