Verbal, followed by a written reports are given after on-site analyses of existing fan and ducting system performances. These include flow volumes, pressure, vibration, acoustic and electrical measurements.

On or off site balancing can be carried out. With the aid of a computer programme, acoustic information is analysed and suitable silencer selections are made. The reports can be used by the customer to develop a programmed maintenance schedule, and decisions made for the repair of the equipment to return it to its original duty. Design and installation of ventilation supply or exhaust systems to suit customer's requirements.

Should the layout of existing machinery or equipment demand an adaptation of standard fans, to a design different to that shown in our catalogue, our Engineers will be pleased to consider this in consultation with the customer.

We also offer a service measuring ventilation and air pollution levels to enable managements to comply with Governmental and N.O.S.A standards.


We have gained a place in the industry for our versatility in undertaking repairs and refurbishment of small and medium sized fans whether of our own or competitor's manufacture. These range from double and single width inlet forward and backward curved impellers, axial flow fans, blower, Thermoplastic centrifugal and axial fans for fumes and acid locations, "Heavy Duty Radiator Fans".


To obtain the best competitive prices aligned with the highest performance Phoenix Fans have a variety of electric motor suppliers. This enables us to supply motors to tight quality specifications matching our fan performance criteria. This allows us to accede to consultant and customer preferences for Nominated manufacturer's motors to be supplied

Standard Motors are Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) with IP55 degree of protection and comply with SABS/IEC 1804.

All motors are fitted with pre-lubricated ball bearings and the motors are suitable for either horizontal or vertical mounting.

Class "F" insulation (temperature rise 100°C) is standard, with temperature rise limited to 80°C. This terminal reserve provides an increased lifetime for the insulation system.

Motors are designed for maximum ambient temperature of 40°C and applications with higher ambients should be referred to Phoenix Fans (Pty) Ltd for selection of suitable rated motors. In some instances, where motors are directly coupled to axial fans which, providing an increased volume of cooling air can increase in output above the standard for the frame size, may be permitted.

Motors up to 2.2kW are designed for Direct-On-Line starting only, whereas larger motors can be used for either Direct-On-Line or Star/Delta Starting. Starting currents, Direct-On-Lineare typically 6 - 7.5 times the full load current and with Star/Delta starting, approximately one-third of the Direct-On-Line value.

Mordern motors are also suited for Variable Speed Drive applications with inverters. Multi-Speed motors can be supplied as well as Flameproof, Non-Sparking or Dust Ignition Proof Motors for Hazardous Areas.

The above is a general specification. More detailed specifications as well as flameproof and sparkproof certifications can be supplied if requested.